A designer with a difference. With comprehensive style detailing and focus on the celebration of body types, Aashima Behl brings in a healthy dose of well-fed pret for an array of body types. As a DESIGNIST, Aashima has learnt that each body is unique in its own way and designed to be worshipped. It’s not just about a size but a lifestyle - where you are what you want to be in easy to wear shapes created to celebrate you in all your glory.

Using fluid shapes in easy to maintain fabrics - Aashima redefines pret .The collection consists of easy to wear dresses, smart jackets for a discerning well-heeled woman. The collection is about a woman who knows herself and is true to her herself.

She is a firm believer in style over fashion because fashion on the surface, without style, can never really be true fashion.

Couture is about what you don’t see as well as what you do, For Aashima her focus is in the details, that normally would be overlooked  "The inside of a dress is as important as the outside. From the embroidery to the construction techniques, to the handwork that goes into them. Every single detail is thought about completely that does not compromise proportion, but embraces femininity. Each garment is constructed with precise detail and is mindful of movement and space.

“From cutting and stitching to sketching, draping, hand embroidery… all the techniques always intrigued me. Even when I was a couple of years old, all I was interested in was drawing dresses and fashion, so when I learned the techniques, designing and creating new dresses was all that I wanted to do” says Aashima - on the inspiration behind her label.

Bridal styling and Trousseau design 

Designist Aashima Behl dresses and styles brides for their wedding day to make sure they look exactly as they envisioned. Her team has combined their years of industry experience with hands-on wedding day knowledge to create a service that simplifies preparing for, and getting dressed on your wedding day. They begin working with you well in advance, ensuring that everything is set up correctly from the beginning. 

Highlights of their services include:

  • An extensive consultation process, where they get to know each and every element of the fashion story for your wedding.
  • They attend your final dress fitting to learn the intricacies of the bustle, and can therefore take care of it fast and securely for your reception.
  • Their team of trained fashion stylists organizes and prepares all elements of your wedding day fashion for you.
  • They will help you dress and take care of any last minute details, guaranteeing that the look you wanted is carried out flawlessly.

Trousseau Design 

The free-spirited Indian bride, who still loves to show up on her D day in a traditional yet breathtaking lehenga, will definitely fall in love with our trousseau design service. While the silhouette and fit are paramount, comfort is another key to keep up the bride’s graceful stature. The wedding trousseau should not only be based upon what’s trending but what particular style suits the bride’s body and personality. Our trousseau design service helps our modern bride to organize and also to carefully choose her accessories and heirlooms.  Whether it be heels, lingerie, makeup or jewellery, their trousseau design service is a perfect bridal organizer from the pre wedding functions, wedding and her honeymoon.